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مرسوله سال 99
اولین مرسوله سال 99 خیریه یاران محسنین به سیستان و بلوچستان
موسسه خیریه یاران محسنین در پی انجام فعالیتهای اجتماعی و حمایتی خود در جهت توانمند سازی نوجوانان و جوانان مناطق
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توزیع ارزاق
توزیع 1000بسته غذایی به همراه 1000بسته لوازم بهداشتی توسط خیریه یاران محسنین
موسسه خیریه یاران محسنین ، توانمند سازی نوجوانان و جوانان منطقه جنوبی استان سیستان و بلوچستان را هدف اصلی خود
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کمک به بیمارستان ها توسط خیریه محسنین
کمک به بیمارستان¬ها توسط خیریه یاران محسنین
امسال شروع سال جدید همراه بود با مهیمان ناخوانده ای که شرایط را برای همگان سخت کرد مخصوصا برای خانواده
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The Yaran Mohsen Charity Foundation is committed to continuing its planned and sustained efforts to obtain the approval of Almighty God...

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On the horizon of 1411 AH, Yaran Mohsen Charity is a successful and successful institution that has been able to build on the ...

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Religious and cultural empowerment of adolescents, youth and families by promoting and teaching the teachings of the Holy Qur'an and ...

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School 2 to 7 classes
Koran Girl and Boy
Social cultural activist

Cultural and educational

The goal is to implement cultural and educational programs, religious education and religious education and development, focusing on Quranic education, the Prophetic tradition and the Imams' Prophetic tradition and the values and teachings of the Islamic Revolution for children, adolescents, youth and families.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

1- Establishing specialized entrepreneurship centers utilizing the region's indigenous capabilities 2- Supporting productive and employment schemes and cooperatives of agro-industry, handicrafts and packaging and other small and early profitable jobs 3- Supporting investments based on indigenous industries And regional

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1- Personal and social health education for children, adolescents and young people covered 2- Building health facilities for providing safe drinking water and sanitary facilities and bathing in the covered areas 3- Providing treatment allowances to patients and introducing them to homes and health facilities.

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بهداشت در مناطق محروم
عمران و معیشت

Development and livelihood

1- Assistance and assistance in construction, equipping and repair of cultural, educational and mosque centers 2- Assistance of institutions and other school builders for construction of educational complexes in covered areas 3- Assistance in construction, repair and equipping of residential homes in covered areas

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98 Year Plans


Employment and Entrepreneurship



Our companions

Yaran Mohsenin Charity Branches

Central office

No. 2, Second Floor, Unit 2, Nateq Nouri (Zomorod) Boustan Boulevard, Pasdaran Ave, Tehran
Contact number: 22840128 Fax number: 22840215

Branch 2: Branch of Hazrat Zainab Salamullah Alayh:

Thirty meters to the street of Hossein Sadat Arab alley after the Midway Plate 4
Contact Number: 66634371

Branch 2: Fatime Zahra Salamulla Alayha Branch:

Thirty yards of junction; 2 yards of Amiri plaque; 2 units

Contact Number: 65810199

Branch 4: Branch of Amir al-Momenin (AS):

Spring Square. No. 1, 2nd floor, Ali Ahmadi Alley, South Sajjad St
Contact Number : 55737298

Branch 3: Branch of Ummah Abiha Hi Allah

Ayatollah Kashani Ave., between 6 and 2 Alley
Contact Number : 56111096