Strategic Plan Document of ANDISHEH YARAN MOHSENIN Charity Institute


ANDISHEH YARAN MOHSENIN Charity Institute is a charity and non-profit institute, registered under No. 33717 in year 2014 to empower the deprived residents of less developed regions, especially Southeastern Iran. This charity is administered within the scope of Articles of Association thereof and under control of and based on the plans approved by Board of Trustees and Board of Directors.


In 2032 Vision, ANDISHEH YARAN MOHSENIN Charity Institute is a well-developed and successful institutes, managed to provide the relevant target population with individual and social growth and development based on cultural, educational, social and economic measures and supports.


ANDISHEH YARAN MOHSENIN Charity Institute shall conduct the institute planned and continuous efforts for the sake of Holy God and serve the deprived populations of our fellow citizens, especially in Southeastern Iran to meet the institute vision and achieve the covered population social deprivation alleviation and empowerment in target areas.

Objectives :

  1. Religious and cultural empowerment of teenagers, youths and families through promoting and teaching Holy Koran and beliefs, ethical and religious orders fundamentals with respect to Sunnah and Seerah of Holy Prophet of Islam and Ahl-al Bayt (PBUH);
  2. Presenting Sunnis and Shiites religious alliance criteria and frameworks and interaction and understanding in mutual social relationships;
  3. Offering Academic, technical, and financial supports for entrepreneurship, job-creating and generative investments for deprivation alleviation and providing families and youths livelihood needs and local self-sufficiency of the covered society in target areas;
  4. Offering educational and academic supports for the teenage and young talents up to high education level;
  5. Providing civil and cultural needs of mosques and Koran cultural institutes;
  6. Supporting the health of supported society and deprived areas in the health and treatment fields;
  7. Rendering civil services in target areas to meet the Institute's cultural plans.

Major Strategies :

  1. Implementing cultural, religious and educational plans for teenagers, youths and families in proportion to principle of brotherhood coexistence of Shiite and Sunni populations in target areas;
  2. Relying local self sufficiency for agricultural, animal husbandry, handicrafts and packaging products through providing academic, technical and financial supports;
  3. Supporting health (sanitation and treatment) of supported society and deprived areas;
  4. Providing required supports for youths marriages and having families for target society;
  5. Supporting the teenagers and youths educational and academic plan in target areas up to high educational level;
  6. Providing needed resources through attracting continuous public donations, votives and donations by relevant public and private bodies;
  7. All activities, inter alia, entrepreneurship and employment, health and civil and measure to support the targeted families livelihood shall be subject to cultural and educational programs of the institute;
  8. Identifying, interacting and synergy with charity institutes and groups and governmental bodies effective in the region and target society to prevent wasting power and budget.

Plans :

  1. Cultural and Educational :
    • The purpose of implementing cultural and educational plans includes introduction to and development of religious thought and Islamic growing relied on Koran knowledge teachings, Holy prophet of Islam (PBUH) Sunnah and Seerah of Aah-al Bayt (PBUH) as well as Islamic Revolution values and teachings for children, teenagers, youths and families.
    1. Preparing and drawing up comprehensive cultural and educational plan for children, teenagers and youths age groups up to high education level;
    2. Preparing and drawing up cultural, educational and social plans on having and strengthening family;
    3. Supporting cultural and Koran centers and mosques and dispatching missioners;
    4. Recruiting and educating local teachers to implement comprehensive cultural plan;
    5. Holding academic, educational, cultural and recreational camps and pilgrimage journeys;
    6. Supporting ceremonies
  2. Entrepreneurship and Employment
    1. Establishing specialized entrepreneurship centers by taking benefit from local capabilities available in the region;
    2. Supporting generative and job-creating projects and agro-industry, handicrafts and packaging cooperatives and other useful, small and early return professions;
    3. Supporting local and regional industries oriented investments;
    4. Granting loan and facilitating obtaining entrepreneurship and employment interest-free loans;
    5. Supporting marketing and selling regional products through establishing production, distribution and exportation cooperatives;
    6. Interacting and synergy with charity institutes at target regions for learning and efficiency of services and preventing parallel works.
  3. Health (Sanitation- Treatment)
    1. Training target children, teenagers and youths for personal and social health;
    2. Constructing sanitation facilities to supply healthy drinking water, sanitation services and bathrooms in supported areas;
    3. Assisting patients in their treatment expenditures and introducing the same to health centers and guesthouses.
  4. Civil
    1. Assisting and helping for constructing, equipping and renovating cultural and educational centers and mosques;
    2. Attracting donations from school constructing institutes and charity people to construct educational centers in supported areas;
    3. Assisting for construction, repairing and mobilization in supported areas.
  5. Attracting Resources through Public Donations
    1. Establishing charity people and subscribers database;
    2. Commissioning information system in virtual environment and attracting large groups of charity people;
    3. Collecting and receiving subscribers donations;
    4. Effective presence in forums and conferences and introducing institute and receiving public donations;
    5. Effective interaction with governmental and non-governmental bodies and organizations to receive their resources in order to assist institute objectives advancement;
    6. Receiving resources and donations in cash and kind to support and provide basic needs of population supported by the institute;
    7. Selecting charity agents and recruiting the same for supported cities and villages;
    8. Establishing branches and agencies, receiving financial resources and financing, and receiving domestic and overseas charity people donations.